How to print on the C60
This tutorial is going to show you how to print using the C60 printer.

file print
select the C60
Pick a paper size, A4 or A3. Select autorotate off.
select fiery features
Fiery features is our plugin which is connected to the printer. Once you are done with the main settings you can go straight to that section.
select full properties
Once the Fiery Features panel is open, go to Full Properties
Choose Media
Paper source: Auto tray select is for the default paper in the machine, Tray 5 for your own paper using the bypass. Mediatype is for the kind of paper –plain, heavyweight 1-4, coated 1-4 and transparency. The C60 is the only printer to print transparent paper on. Feel free to ask us so we can look at your paper.
Double Sided Printing
Duplex off, means print on one side of the paper. If you want to print double-sided, go to Layout and in Duplex select top-top.
Colour or Black and White
For colour, choose cmyk, for black and white choose grayscale. Now you are ready to press print.